stuff we've done for great people

"people think it's an adrenaline sport & it's not: it's all about being in the moment"

highline slackline with gibbon

"the parents' happiness when they see the child for the first time is really rewarding"

operation smile

"we want to show that businesses can be a force for good in the world"


"hult prize startups are changing the world in every way, shape and form"

Clinton Global Intitiative
the hult prize

"rajiv and his family scrap enough waste to make $1.50 per day"

waste ventures

"each time we find that sincere
story to tell - the most sincere
thread of communication, truth
without manipulation, the good line"

life as it is

"i have to work super extra hard because i think big"

a good life too

"whenever you're chanting any bonafide name of god, god is dancing on the tip of your tongue"

festival of colors

"for a kid to
have hope,
he needs
to know
he's loved"

buena vida orphanage

"there's that reaching hand
going out to the next world.
they're halfway over,
but we bring them back"

tough guy
the madman
of the

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"for me the desert
of southern utah
has been a sanctuary"


"treating people with
self-respect & dignity
is how we're
really going to
change the world"

fairbourne consulting

"we can just let the kids run wild. it's a chance for them to be little scientists"

palo alto junior museum & zoo

"we know we can create wealth while simultaneously alleviating poverty"


"he had to die so that
my daughter could live.

of one heart

"wait, i'm not ready, whoa, okay go...ahhhh!"

the human slingshot

"at the end
of it all,
we want
to save lives"

healthcare analytics

"we're all destined for the cold - & that's the damn truth

for the cold

"when we embrace the world, the world will embrace us"

yeah samake

"there's nothing cooler out there than 3d printing"